You have entered our website because you are looking for a solution to a problem.

You may be an employer who believes some of your staff are profit takers and not profit makers.

You may be an insurance claims assessor who suspects that a claim is fraudulent.

You may be a solicitor who wishes to trace a missing person, obtain a witness statement or serve important legal documents or

You may be a member of the public who just needs peace of mind.

Whatever your reasons to visit our site, you have decided that the best way forward may be to instruct the services of Private Investigators.

Over the next few pages we will show you that we have the personnel who have the right skills, knowledge, experience & equipment to obtain cost effective results for you.

Insurers, Local Authorities, Government Agencies, Legal Chambers and many of Britain’s top 100 companies have already benefited from our professional, discreet service.

We are always happy to discuss and appraise your specific requirements with no obligations in confidence at any time.

We do not make false promises, ignore reality or exaggerate our capabilities and we do not compromise on our high standards.

We simply offer professional solutions.


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