We believe that we can never know everything. So we can offer you the best service possible we have sought membership through study, examination or inspection of respected trade bodies.

Our continuing education and association with other experts in the investigation and security industry ensures that you benefit from the most up to date methods, procedures and equipment available.


The Association of British Investigators (ABI) is the longest established organisation representing professional Private Investigators in the UK with its foundations laid in 1913.

With the absence of any statutory control of the investigation industry in the UK the ABI recognised the need for self-regulation many years ago and set very high standards to meet the criteria for membership opting for quality rather than quantity.

Members are admitted only after stringent vetting. Members must conduct their business in a professional manner and by complying with a strict code of ethics with disciplinary procedures in place to monitor any transgressions.


The International Institute of Security (IISec) was established in 1968 when it was apparent that although training was being carried out within the security industry, a professional examination or examining body did not exist. Since then, the Institute has become the leading academic body within the industry providing examinations at management level, not only in the United Kingdom, but, with the co-operation of the British Council, in many other countries throughout the world.

The Institute's examinations enable candidates to become proficient in subjects concerned with the provision of security measures to prevent corporate loss and the protection of the public. The main objective is to encourage the highest standards of knowledge, practice and professional ability amongst those persons working within the security profession at managerial level


The World Association of Professional Investigators, (WAPI), is a professional body, formed by professionals, for professionals. It covers all areas of investigation, public sector and private sector, companies and individuals, corporate and domestic.

WAPI meets the need for a worldwide organisation which can provide a focal point for investigators. It promotes the profession internationally and provides networking opportunities through which members can exchange ideas, knowledge, methods, advice, education and working assignments.

When you choose a member of the World Association of Professional Investigators for your investigative work you are choosing a professional in their field who works to the association code of ethics.

WAPI has members and contacts in most parts of the world. Instruct a WAPI member and they can act locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


Insurance Fraud Investigators Group (IFIG) is a Members’ Organisation dedicated to the detection and prevention of Insurance Fraud. It is a non-profit making organisation created to tackle the growing problem of Insurance fraud in the UK and disrupt insurance fraudsters.

Members include Insurers, Lawyers, Loss Adjusters, and Investigation Agencies all of whom are committed to preventing Insurance Fraud.

In the mid-1990's a number of insurance fraud investigators representing major UK insurers joined together to discuss the increasing problem of fraud against the UK insurance industry.

It quickly became apparent those investigators were frequently dealing with the same people who were attempting to systematically defraud several Insurers.

Members of the Group therefore developed a network and process for sharing of criminal intelligence for the purpose of fraud prevention and investigation. In 1999 the group, assumed the title of Insurance Fraud Investigators Group (IFIG).


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