Finding process servers to effect “good service” of your important legal documents promptly and with courtesy is not easy.

We serve your Demands, Orders, Notices or Petitions in accordance with CPR Rules. Attendances are made at varying times of the day, more often than not in the evenings when people are normally at home. We will attempt to serve as many times as necessary until the job is done.

Relevant local enquiries will be made and we endeavour to obtain a photograph or film of the person served so that any subsequent identity or service disputes are negated.

After service we compile a Certificate, Statement or Affidavit which will be concise, accurate, and in the required format.



Witness statements obtained by us are fully compliant with the latest legal directions. Our agents have years of Police Service experience in taking detailed, accurate, relevant statements.

We place witnesses at ease with a sympathetic, compassionate attitude. The relaxed environment created can be used effectively to utilise cognitive techniques to discover all the facts. We are fully aware that our agent’s professional demeanour reflects on your image and reputation.

Our proven methods encourage recall, honesty and clarity. Laptops can be used to write and print statements in the witness’s home or work environment.



Scenes of accidents may need to be drawn and photographs taken so that you, a third party or a court can see clear expressive evidence of a location and the issues raised.

We use the latest computer aided design to draw any scene in question. Accurate relevant measurements are taken and our detailed digital photographs can be placed within the main body of a plan or report for even greater clarity.

Our bound booklets with pages containing: a narrative description, aerial view, measurements, location of camera and up to 10 numbered photos show clearly that a picture really does paint a thousand words.



No one can disappear in the UK today with the wealth of digital financial information available. Everyone leaves a footprint somewhere, sometime.

We can trace debtors, missing witnesses, heirs and beneficiaries on a no find no fee basis. We have a success rate of 88% provided you have a full name, date of birth and/or a last known address.

Some of our reports contain additional information for you such as telephone numbers, property ownership or co-habitation status at no extra cost.

Our resourceful, innovative agents will consistently place you one step ahead and help you to win.

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"We will certainly be using your services again. Your timely service of documents upon the respondent was much appreciated...."

G. Ridgley
Eversheds Solicitors