We have been servicing the insurance industry since 1998 by providing dedicated, tenacious surveillance operatives to establish the validity of personal injury & private health income claims.

Our agents have trained and worked together in the disciplines of surveillance over many years. Their talents have been hard won and fully tested in various Military Special Forces and Police units. Each one is highly competent in the procedures and skills demanded to overcome the various exigencies that occur during a surveillance, both in urban and rural settings. Our operatives are audacious, innovative and resourceful in obtaining results for you.

We are confident enough in our abilities to guarantee you at least three separate days footage of a claimant for a fixed fee, regardless of the number of total days spent or the number of operatives used on your instructions.

The standard of our video evidence is such that not one of our operatives has had to appear in court to defend their filming.

We will secure useful evidential film for you.

In addition to our core service of surveillance we also provide an enquiry service to insurers established on a straight talking, no nonsense approach.

With a success rate of 88% we can trace missing persons, be they witnesses, policyholders or third parties, on a no trace no fee basis.

Our agents have years of experience in taking witness statements, which are fully compliant with the latest legal directions. We place witnesses at ease with a sympathetic, compassionate attitude. The relaxed environment created is used to utilise cognitive techniques to discover all the facts. We are fully aware that our agent’s professional demeanour reflects on your image and reputation.

Sketch plans of an accident scene may need to be drawn so that you, a third party or a court has a clear understanding of the issues. We use the latest computer aided design to draw a detailed image of the location in question. Our digitally produced photos can be placed within the main body of a plan or report for even greater clarity.

Our aim is to protect insurers from fraud or deception by tenacious, resourceful investigation.



Our determined, experienced investigators are highly proficient and imaginative in exploiting numerous electronic databases and unique sources of human intelligence to protect you and keep your business profitable.

Innovative use of the computer age together with our unique sources of information allows us to conduct detailed, accurate investigations. Our agents have years of experience in making sense of the wealth of data and intelligence that comes to light during an investigation. They have a clear understanding of what is relevant to the enquiry, important and admissible in a court of law.

Your instructions may be the asset tracing of an individual pre-litigation, you may need to vet personnel who are due to take up sensitive posts in your company. You may be the subject of a trademark or copyright infringement or you may wish to conduct due diligence enquiries on a company or individual. Whatever the issue our discreet, confidential help will deliver.



The management of an organisation may believe that unexplained stock loss warrants employee infiltration to establish the cause. We can put in place a consultant who will report accurately on all aspects of your operation, from staff morale, to large-scale theft.

Our agents are familiar with relevant laws and practices governing the acts of an agent provocateur. They will give you an insight into your operation that will bring to your attention not only theft but also improvements in procedures that may enhance your profitability.

The same skilled agents can make test purchase visits to your establishment and report accurately, with video evidence, upon service or staff issues you may have. We can also conduct “passing off” investigation visits to licensed premises to establish breach of supply agreements.



Piece of mind is difficult to put a price on. Whether you suspect an existing partner of infidelity or a new partner of not being truthful.

Perhaps you need to prove present co-habitation of an ex-spouse or you may wish to trace an old friend or long lost family member.

Whatever the piece of mind you need, we appreciate that employing the services of Private Investigators can be a once in a lifetime experience. We therefore do our utmost with a caring, compassionate attitude to make that experience a good one.


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"Just a note to thank you for
your most useful footage of
the claimant in this matter.
After seeing your film he has
withdrawn the claim...."

Linda Winnard
CSG Claims







 "Please pass on my thanks to Garth for a great job in our warehouse in Milton Keynes. All the laptops were recovered and three employees arrested."

Jim Doran
Operations Director
Office World