Chiltern Investigations employ only former military personnel who are intelligent, fit and disciplined. Many have proven their skills many times over in the world’s conflict zones. Our operatives have been highly trained in languages, first aid, driving skills and etiquette. Each has been security vetted and all have full SIA licences to practice.

Blending in with any social environment our close protection officers are being used by royalty, politicians, celebrities and many chief executives.

We can supply one close protection officer or a whole personal escort section and residential security team with the relevant support services.



Large events such as concerts, festivals or AGMs need to be policed in a professional manner that fully reflects the reputation and image of the organisers.

Our SIA licenced security officers are fully conversant with Health & Safety legislation with regard to crowd control. All have been trained to be courteous firm, fair and helpful with all members of the public they encounter. They are skilled in first aid, fire safety and if needed, approved restraint techniques.

You can rest assured that our male and female officers will enhance your image and make your event an enjoyable safe one for your attendees.



Modern micro-technology allows the installation of “bugs” into any environment. Cameras so small that video transmission can be coupled with voice in one small unit are easily and cheaply available.

Chiltern Investigations’ technical associates provide an electronic counter surveillance service used in the sweeping of offices, boardrooms and private homes for any listening, transmitting or recording devices.

The sweeps give you the assurance that you are not a victim of the unscrupulous who resort to using illegal methods to steal your valuable information.



The same dynamic advancements in micro-technology enable us to install covert cameras anywhere within your establishment or home.

These cameras can then be used to remotely record illicit acts of wrongdoing over long periods. They can be programmed to record continuously or come on when movement or light is detected.

The clear evidence obtained can then be used to make further enquiries, bring prosecutions or disciplinary proceedings.



As full members of the Security Institute (now incorporating the International Institute of Security) we have a wealth of knowledge, or sources of knowledge at our disposal enabling us to advise you on the best, cost effective way to implement security best practice.

Some companies regard their security department as an additional cost and not a wealth generator. Some give the specialised task and responsibility of security management to an already stretched Facilities or Operations manager. We can provide your organisation with a support service designed to take the burden off the delegated “security manager”

Our former Special Forces personnel are have years of experience in testing physical security whether it is the testing the sighting of your CCTV systems, the effectiveness of your existing guards or the integrity of your physical deterrents. Our reports and video evidence can be used for higher level training or re-sighting of deterrents and cameras.



With fully tested proven experience in the world’s conflict zones our operatives are more than qualified to escort and protect your valuables.

Whether you need HGVs vulnerable to hijack protected on a road journey or other valuables escorted. We have the relevant skills and experience to advise and implement the most effective, protective way of getting your products to their destination safely.


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"...We have also used his company toprovide security during our official opening ceremony attended by the President of The Board of Trade. Because of events that happened on the day, a higher level of security suddenly became necessary. I am pleased to say that Chiltern Investigations responded magnificently to the situation..."

Ken Nielson
Alton House Office Park