Our male and female agents have trained and worked together in the disciplines of surveillance over many years. Each is highly competent in the procedures and practices necessary to overcome the various unexpected situations that occur during a surveillance.

Their skills have been hard won and fully tested whilst serving in Britain’s Military Special Forces and Police Service. In the commercial world their discipline, tenacity and pride in their work translate into a results driven professional service.

By combining their proven talents with state of the art video, audio and vehicle tracking technology you can rest assured you benefit from an unrivalled service.



The “compensation culture” is now part of life in the UK. The prevalence of fraudulent claims has made insurers, employers and solicitors more aware of the benefits of employing independent investigators to establish the validity of claimants and their alleged injuries.

Insurance companies and financial institutions are not the only organisations regarded as easy targets by some claimants. Local authorities, industry, commerce and private individuals are increasingly seen by the dishonest as a source of unearned income.

By utilising the latest covert video technology together with purpose built surveillance vehicles and equipment we conduct discreet enquiries upon a claimant. Providing you with video proof as to the true nature of an injury or sickness gives you the confidence to make correct, fully informed decisions and may save you thousands of pounds in false or inflated payments.

Covert surveillance is a cost effective way of making an accurate assessment of a claimant’s true physical state. If a claimant is genuinely injured or sick then just compensation payment can be made quickly with all the facts considered.

Our “can do” attitude guarantees we secure at least three separate days footage of a claimant. We do this for a fixed fee regardless of the number of total days spent or the number of operatives used on your instructions.

The standard of our video evidence is such that not one of our operatives has had to appear in court to defend their filming.

We will secure useful evidential film.



When budgets are tight or the aims of surveillance are simply to show the present or past locations of a vehicle, trailer or indeed any large item, then GPS tracking is the answer. We can install tracking devices in your company vehicles or we can install one device on a target vehicle or item.

GPS Trackers can last a long time on external battery power and show the location of a vehicle to within 1 meter. These devices are invaluable in assisting us on mobile surveillances and are a cost effective way of tracking your target, whatever that may be.

Covert Cameras can be installed in any location to record acts of wrongdoings or criminal activity. The footage obtained can then be used to bring disciplinary or criminal prosecutions with no doubt.



For Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Landlords and private individuals we provide a Professional Witness service in matters of criminal activity, anti social behaviour, neighbourhood disputes or fly tipping.

The video or audio evidence we gather together with our agents corrobative evidence can be used in a court of law to bring prosecutions or passed on to the police for further enquiries to be conducted.


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"We could not believe the film you obtained of our employee. He was clearly not bedridden as he claimed for the time you followed him. Thanks for your help"

V. Z. Hussain
Aura Products
Milton Keynes